Writing and Rooting: The Practice of Finding Voice


In Writing and Rooting we will explore the ways in which the deepest questions in our personal lives and our art spin together.  We will use writing as a means of rooting for our lives: as grounding, as support, as creative inquiry into who we are, the obstacles we face and our hidden resources. Each class will begin with a short physical warm-up and improvisational exercises to waken the mind and encourage a more full-bodied approach to writing.  Students will use emotive acting techniques to discover the emotional threads moving through the work. Every participant will meet with the instructor privately to explore creative and personal questions they find enticing and haunting. We will then meet as a group to support each others’ inquiries through both individual and group writing assignments. During the last 4 weeks each participant will focus on the art of expressing a specific story that we will then share in a final reading. Group workshop is comprised of 10 meetings.
(This class is also available as a private tutorial)