Student Testimonials


Kirsten is a master teacher. She is powerful, fiercely compassionate, and she knows alchemy – how to help the writer/performer reach deep inside to find the gold. She is also refreshingly real and honest with herself and her students. It is a great pleasure to work with her and to witness the amazing people and stories of those who are drawn to take her classes. – Michele Wagner (Playwright, Lyricist)

Kirsten Wilson’s “Letting the Body Speak” is one of the most creative, powerful, and healing experience of self-expression I have ever engaged in. As a writer, it honed my skills to the next  level, as a performer, it helped my confront my fears and gain confidence, and as a participant, it helped me explore my artistic voice through working with the body both in writing and in movement. I would highly recommend you don’t miss this amazing experience. -Devi Records (Founding Member and Former British Isles Director, Hakomi Institute)

Kirsten has an appetite for an individual’s real journey. I mean a BIG appetite. She takes you to that edge where your truth is raw, juicy, breathtaking in its intimacy, magical in its humanity. And, why not? What else do we really want but truth? What else is there to do but release our inner beauty out? The world needs genuineness, and Kirsten is a master. She acts as your own private sculptor-performer-healer-friend-companion on your journey. I’m grateful. – Cynthia Kneen (teacher, consultant, author of Shambhala Warrior Training CDs and Awake Mind, Open Heart: The Power of Courage and Dignity in Everyday Life.)

The ripple effects of Letting the Body Speak have continued for 4 years now in my life. The writing/speaking we did gave me courage to speak about two intimate stories that had carried shame and heavy grief for years, and also gave me an experience of peace with my deceased dad that I still tap into. A main reason for the lasting effects of this experience was the environment Kirsten Wilson created in our class. Rarely have I met someone who has cultivated such compassion and such thorough intelligence. With Kirsten’s experienced guidance, we were able to melt down into the tender places in our lives and find what needed to be spoken. She set up a space where we not only trusted her; we trusted each other. As a performer, I didn’t know if the class would further my professional skills, but I should have known better. Kirsten meets us where we are, and guides us towards full expression. She showed me how to handle vulnerable truths without hiding, getting mushy, or loosing a sense of healing and humor. I would trust Kirsten with my friends, with people in fragile places, with performers looking to be waken up. This class will alter your relationship to your past, and it will be a gracious shift. – Eva Vander Giessen (Actor)

With Kirsten’s gentle, loving, determined challenges, the piece I created went far beyond what I had imagined it would be. The support she created in our group allowed me to keep facing into my fears and then conquer them, one by one. My final creation was an expression of a place in me I hadn’t known existed, and gave me a deep sense of fulfillment. – Julie Colwell (psychologist, founder of the Boulder Center for Conscious Living)

Ruthlessly intimate, liberating for personal expressiveness beyond performing, Kirsten is skillful, generous and encouraging for the first timer and artful for the veterans of the stage. – Robert Caplan

Writing, refining, rehearsing, staging and performing all in ten weeks.  A wild ride in the river of creativity.
I did it three times and loved it every time. Collaborative art in action. – Michael Herrick (artist, poet, psychotherapist, Men’s leadership alliance facilitator and director of “The Human Rites Institute”)

I consider ‘Letting the Body Speak’ the irreplaceable foundational work that allowed me to deeply connect and integrate my present with my past, so I could move on and really delve full blast into the art of film acting. – If i don’t spend the time to really discover the deeper secrets hidden in my own body, how can i possibly extract the secrets of the characters i am playing? – Still

I probably learned more about myself in that 10 week class than I did in the previous 10 years.  The process as well as the finished work were both incredibly enriching and rewarding. – Chris Hatfield (Restaurant Manager, actor)

I’ve taken two rounds of Kristen’s Autobiographical Monologue class and they have both been highlights in my life – as an artist and as a human.  Things came out of me, in public, that I never knew were possible!  Kristen’s strong and insightful guidance helped me to tell the truth in a way that moved me and the audience as well, and watching my classmates stories unfold over the months was just as profound as plumbing my own depths.  I’d encourage anybody to participate.  We all have stories we need to tell, and hear. – Lindsay Sworski (Dancer, Massage therapist)

Letting the Body Speak is one of the most remarkable theatrical processes and, for the participant, it is an illuminating experience.  Kirsten Wilson with her wisdom, sensitivity and experience creates a space that allows one to muster the courage to explore and write about our lives by remembering how it felt.  She guides the group fearlessly in this theatrical adventure in which novices, like me can build a theatre piece along with seasoned professionals, sharing life stories that make sense of our experience.   The authenticity of each person’s work can’t help to move audiences  sometimes in unexpected ways.  – Alison Moore (Development Director)

I wasn’t sure about taking Kirsten’s class (Letting The Body Speak), because my memory is not very good and I was sure I would not be able to memorize something for a performance. I am also an introvert, and feel awkward taking center stage. Kirsten assured me that many people before me thought the same thing, and they were able to do it. For two weeks prior to the performance I was very nervous, it didn’t seem like we’d pull it all together in time. But Kirsten had complete faith in each one of us and in the process, which allowed me to have more faith as well. The night of the performance, when I stepped out onto the stage, it was otherworldly. Everything just flowed, and I felt very high. I highly recommend taking her class, especially if you’re an introvert. You will be in good hands. – Eliana Berlfein (Sidewalk Cafe Design)

Listening to the Body speak was so much more than a course in writing and performing.  Kristen has a gift for guiding you to your real story and helping you shape it into a work of art.  The entire process was life changing.  If you have a chance to work with her– consider yourself blessed. – Cynthia Joy (Playwright, Photographer)

Kirsten is a master teacher. She helped me get to the heart of my writing piece. With confidence in her art, she helped bring me to the edge of my comfort zone in order to deliver my piece with courage and authenticity. This class is wonderful blend of community and creativity. – Erin Tanner (Therapist – Rocky Mountain Center for Counseling and Stress Reduction)

Taking Kirsten’s monologue class was a bucket list type of experience for me. A journey through my body, mind, and history. Kirsten was fearless, yet focused, helping me translate a meaningful story into a memorable theatrical performance. Although not therapy, it was monumentally therapeutic. I recommend this class for the human race. – Christian Glover (Singer Songwriter)

I want to say a few words about Kirsten Wilson and her Letting the Body Speak Class. I decided to take her class when I had just been diagnosed with liver cancer. It was one of the things I did as part of my healing process. The eight-minute presentation I did helped me get clear and find my voice for healing and MY approach to this situation. Describing the experience of my week in the hospital as the doctors thought I was dying and I was searching for a way to live was seminal for me. I have since used and shared that presentation and it is part of my public speaking when I talk about my alternative approach to dealing with cancer (no chemo, no radiation). Yes I’m alive, and yes I’m healthy 5 years and 4 months after diagnoses. Kirsten’s work is incredible!!! I expect to take the class again. — Don’t hesitate – go for it. AND go see the presentations; there is nothing else like them. They are touching, dramatic, profound and moving. – Kathryn Alexander (President, CEO Ethical Impact L3C)

Letting The Body Speak is a unique, powerful, exciting & satisfying adventure into expression, creativity & healing. Do it – you will be glad you did! Kirsten Wilson is uniquely qualified to lead this exhilarating journey; her guidance is invaluable.  – David Hays (Actor & Video Producer)

I have been working with writing and theater coach Kirsten Wilson since moving to Boulder in 2008. Kirsten has a style that draws out the most “active” material in each person and her guidance always takes me to the heart of the matter- the large and small truths that ask to be spoken and heard.  The result has been authentic expressions excavated with persistence and compassion. She holds a space where fumbling is welcomed and at the same time gives you the sense of possibility in your own ability to move forward into greater honesty with yourself and others. Kirsten listens with care and generosity and directs with a light touch- her skills leave one feeling reassured. And best of all she does it all with humor. My work with Kirsten has led me to take hold of my own creative process and access myself in ways that have helped me embody my life more and more and for that I am ever grateful. – Jennifer Lennon

I don’t want to frighten you, but prepare to die. There is no way to come out of this class absolutely naked and revealed.  Reborn.  When I first saw Kirsten’s Letting the Body Speak course offered, I felt rude, relentless sensation tugging at me to register.  As an anxious, self-conscious person, from the outside this certainly did NOT seem like the class for me.  But from the inside, it went straight to the heart of the matter — the ‘heart’ being mine, and the ‘matter’ being my body.  This is excruciatingly personal work.  I’ve never felt so nailed, so exposed, so accepted before.  Kirsten never gave up on me and was passionate in her call for absolute authenticity.  It was like she and everyone could see right through me and yet this transparence was exactly what I had longed for without knowing it.  My body couldn’t sleep or deceive or stay small.  How could it in that spotlight of unconditional welcome?  My shining shyness was expressed, witnessed, and freed from shame. This class is an invitation into that kind of liberation. – Heather Pylant (Chaplain)

Kirsten Wilson is one of the most inspired teachers it’s been my privilege to work with. She’s truly found her calling, and when you find her, you’ve found a gem. She creates an atmosphere of fun, welcome, trust and creativity where participants can stretch out and rediscover, or find for the first time, the truths of their own lifetimes and share them with others. If you are looking for a new and inspiring adventure, I recommend Kirsten as your guide! – Linda Stonerock

I found Letting the Body Speak to be a very rich experience on many, many levels.  I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone interested in finding out and speaking more of their own truth. – Gail Hollander (Organization and Leadership Consultant)

Kirsten was very sensitive and attuned and skillful in helping me get into whatever experience I was trying to express.  I remember the holding of the class as including compassion and humor, invitation and challenge.
Invitation to get to the heart of the matter.  She worked with each person in ways that fit with that person.  I found the process fun, creative and enlivening. – Diane Anderson, (LMT & teacher of Diamond Approach).

Whether it is about a child-hood trauma, coming of age, making out for the first time, or confronting our own mortality, our stories bring our lives to life.   The process of acting out our stories is the process of exposing ourselves.  The feedback we receive from the group reflects our level of truth.  The entire process is all preparation for the final performance, to finally allow our expressions to fully flourish. – Jim Jobson (Software developer, DJ and music producer)
Letting the Body Speak helped me dive into parts of myself that were closed for business. I uprooted the trauma of 9/11, the loss of loved ones, and was able to present the material in a way that not only assisted in releasing the energy of the past,  but let me serve and touch others, feel supported, and above all, free! Kirsten provides the most incredible container of safety, laughter, perspective, depth, and inspiration. One only goes as deep as they choose. Her class empowered me to continue exploring my endless and vibrant creative potential! I walked away with tools, new connection, and a feeling of fearless love for what I found and continue to find. My body is an endless tale of truth and wisdom, it’s always speaking; I just started to listen with a different ear. – Oakley Ogden (Therapist)

The questions Kirsten asked us to write about get to the crux of the matter of being alive in these fragile, daring bodies. It was a cathartic experience for me to work on my monologue, and I think I allowed a dark lurking thing out into the light for healing, and Kirsten made safe space for that to happen. – Sondra Blanchard (Actor, Writer)

I took Kirsten Wilson’s class and she brought out stories I didn’t know I had in me. I had a tumultuous upbringing and the class helped me see it, explore it, write about it, and inhabit it in a performance.  Kirsten is  well trained in bringing out what is below the surface in her students Take this class and you may  be surprised what you dig up. – Chris Randol (Jail Corrections Counselor)

Something extraordinary took place when I signed up for Kirsten’s Writing and Rooting class. As a tap dancer, I am intrigued by what fills the space between musical notes and in a writing class this idea correlates into what exists between the written word. For me this is where the “story” lived and Kirsten had a masterful way of taking me into the “real” story that was waiting to be told. With the perfect blend of guidance and trust, as well as challenge and choice, Kirsten moves her students through the body to discover the long held secrets or silenced longings that are waiting to find the breath of life through the written word. She creates the container and holds the space allowing us to dive deep through the layers within our bodies. Her compassion for the process soothed my anxiety and inspired me to let go. Kirsten’s passion, gift, and dogged determination gave me the courage to give voice to a deep betrayal that in the final story allowed my heart to find freedom. – Ellie Sciarra (Professional Tap Dancer and President of Taps are Talking)

Playback Theater:
Kirsten has the ability to bring out the playful, creative side in people (like me) who take themselves too seriously. I don’t know how she does it, but she does it very well. She really knows what she’s doing. A professional with heart. – Jeanne Winer, (Criminal Defense Attorney)