DSC_8686Kirsten Wilson is an artist of a rare stripe. She has the ability to reflect, to instruct, to engage, to identify, and to affirm, all at once.  She does so skillfully and fearlessly, melding dark and light, putting her audience in personal touch with the muse you can use — the one who holds both mirror and window. – Homer Robinson, The Magazine.

Wilson has you where she wants you — by the brain, funny bone, and the throat. – Angela Bonavoglia, Ms. Magazine

Whether Kirsten Wilson is a more brilliant writer than performer or vice versa is one of the major questions you’ll be left with. – K.C Compton, Pasatiempo Art Magazine

Kirsten Wilson is the creator of various transformative art practices for individuals and theatrical works that stimulate community conversation.

Wilson is the visionary behind the One Action-One Boulder project, the founder of Motus Theater, and the creator and director of Do You Know Who I Am? and Rocks Karma Arrows.  As founder and Artistic Director of Friendly Fire in Santa Fe, New Mexico, she created a trilogy of pieces exploring violence against women and children occurring in Americas homes and neighbors.  Wilson has created numerous pieces exploring everything from environmental degradation for the Bioneer’s Conferences to psalms and sutras.

The art practices she has developed include Letting the Body Speak: The Autobiographical Monologue Class; Writing as a Spiritual Practice; and Writing and Rooting.  She is also a master Playback Improvisational Theater instructor and has taught with founding Playback company member Judy Swallow.

Her love of story and transfomative art for individuals and communities has taken her in many directions.  She has an MFA in Contemporary Performance from Naropa University where she studied Grotowski based physical theater, Viewpoints, Suzuki, Body Mind Centering and the use of Contemplative Practices in theater. She has studied theater and improvisation with a variety of people including Ruth Zaporah, David Shiner, Jonathan Fox and various teachers at The New Actor’s Workshop in New York.  She has an M.Div. From Union Theological Seminary where she explored world religious traditions, multicultural education strategies, origin stories and psychology of religion. Her visual arts studies were at the Institute for American Indian Arts where she focused on photography and poetry.  She graduated Summa Cum Laude  in English literature from Barnard College.