Do You Know Who I Am? (2013). A performance scripted from monologues written by undocumented youth in our community.

Rocks Karma Arrows (2009, 2012) a multimedia contemporary theater performance exploring Boulder history through the lens of race and class. For a 3-minute trailer on the performance click here.  For additional information on Rocks Karma Arrows, click here.

One Action-One Boulder/Niwot’s Arrow project, 2012.  A community conversation project aimed at learning about our untold history, talking about current injustices and taking an action to create a more equitable future. For 5 minute video on the project, click here.  Additional information available at

Arrows in Motion: Rocks Karma Arrows in Historical Reflection.   Educational companion video to Kirsten Wilson’s Rocks Karma Arrows performance. 15 Historians, educators and community leaders reflect on a film of the performance to explore why we should learn the diverse histories of our communities, 2013.

Talking Past-Talking Present (2012). Kirsten Wilson conducting Motus Playback & Playback Theatre West actors in an improvisational performance exploring audiences’ experiences of feeling welcome and unwelcome in Boulder because of race, class, sexual orientation, religion, age, nationality, gender, or ability status. (Part of One Action-One Boulder/Niwot’s Arrow.) For a 3minute video, click here.

Reflections on Chief Niwot (2012). An improvisational performance inspired by community members’ experiences of reading Chief Left Hand by Margaret Coel, the Boulder Library One Book, One Boulder selection, or attending the Chief Niwot exhibit at the Boulder History Museum. This performance is part of an unprecedented collaboration between arts and civic organizations encouraging people to learn about Chief Left Hand/Niwot as part of One Action, One Boulder/Niwot’s Arrow. Read the book, see the exhibit and join us to use the power of theater to tell your story of learning about this local Southern Arapaho chief. For 3 minute video, click here.

Sweet Land: Choices of Dignity. (2012) A Musical Reflection between Kirsten Wilson of Motus Theater and Sue Coffee of Resonance Women’s Chorus for the One Action/Niwot’s Arrow project. (CD of project and video link upcoming)